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Introduction and Welcome

Introducing EPSS Our 4 Step Self-Paced Online Course

Hi I’m Eric Gilboord the developer of EPSS The Enriched Preparation Selling System. Today I'm going to talk to you about selling your business. Getting you and the company ready for sale and increasing the value of your business while you do it. Then sell for more, faster or both.
You may have read about preparing to sell or been advised to by your Accountant or Lawyer. But where do you start? Selling means gathering documents, making important decisions and having lots of conversations in an unfamiliar area. I know it sounds overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.
EPSS was developed to make preparation easier. A self-paced system to help you get all your ducks in a row, avoid making common selling mistakes, be fully aware of what to expect and go to market strong.
Typically 80% of an Owners wealth is tied up in their company. Basically their retirement plan. So there's a lot riding on this sale. I want you to learn from my experience and to avoid costly mistakes I've seen other Sellers make while incorporating best practices of successful Sellers. To attract the best Buyers you need to have all your ducks in a row. That means the company and you personally.
It’s not just about selling faster, selling for more or both, but making the whole process easier. EPSS makes it easier to prepare the owner and the company for sale. In developing EPSS we determined that while selling a business is a very complicated, time consuming and detail oriented exercise, preparing for the sale is equally as much work or more.
Our system is divided into 4 major areas:
  • Personal Thinking
  • Personal Doing
  • Business Thinking
  • Business Doing.
Divided again into smaller modules. Each one has an explanation of a key component of the preparation and selling process. As well they may have one or all of the following. Set of tasks, questions and checklists for the Seller and their team, sample documents, videos, case studies, a notes section and some other surprises.
Start where you like. Freely move around the modules. Work on the ones you find easier first. By the time you finish, sell don't sell, at the very least you will have a more valuable company, likely a much better insight into your business and yourself and you just might have pivoted a little to compensate for these crazy times we live in.
Click below on any Free Preview button to view many of the modules in detail. Go through all 4 sections to get a real feel for the course. I developed EPSS so Sellers could learn from my experiences gained while working with other Sellers. Avoid costly mistakes of unsuccessful Sellers and learn best practices from successful Sellers.
Eric Gilboord

It's Time To Get Ready Checklist

You may already be in change mode if any of these points hit home.

  • 1. You're reviewing your current will.

  • 2. Taking a hard look at your personal finances.

  • 3. You've been planning to take longer vacations.

  • 4. Getting in shape.

  • 5. Downsizing your home and maybe even downsizing your business.

  • 6. Thinking about the future of the company and handing off all your responsibilities day to day and long term planning.

  • 7. Managing the affairs/care of an aging parent.

  • 8. Attending graduation of and or marrying off your youngest child.

  • 9. Re-purposing the extra bedroom for your home office or as a hobby room.

  • 10. Investigating locations for a winter home. Buying a place.

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21 Business Selling Tips and Insights

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Surprises Owners Can Face When Selling

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Course Developer and Instructor

Author, Speaker, Coach, Seller of Businesses

Course Developer

Eric Gilboord

Eric Gilboord has worked with hundreds of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners over the past 26 years. For the last few years he's worked almost exclusively with BABOs - Boomer Aged Business Owners. Owners who were born between 1946 and 1964. He is a management and business transition consultant, speaker, the author of several books, a columnist and the creator of hundreds of articles, seen in national newspapers and magazines, online and read regularly via his weekly emails. His new book is 'Moving Forward' Get The Triple Effect - Sell your business for 3 times more and 3 times faster. Written specifically for Boomer Aged Business Owners. BABOs are going through a challenging time in their life. One of the biggest events they have to face today, is to sell or transition out of their company. Moving Forward is about both the emotional and practical struggles Owners are facing. At the same time it serves to help the Owners family, Buyers and Trusted Advisers to better understand these challenges from the Sellers' perspective. His first book 'Just Tell Me What To Do - Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business' was a best seller. The follow up updated Second Edition 'Just Tell Me More - Marketing Tips In 10 Minute Chunks' was released a few years ago. He also co-authored a book called Marketing Masters. Eric speaks to groups of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners on growing and preparing their businesses for sale and selling successfully. The goal is to increase the value of their company first, in order to sell on their terms and for more. He also speaks to Trusted Advisers to help them better understand Sellers. Media Contacts To receive an eBook copy of Moving Forward or to book Eric for an interview contact: Linda Tenenbaum 416-728-2466 Eric Gilboord 416-270-2466 Website


Said Many Business Owners

I don't know how he does it, but Eric is right inside my head.

Jody (Financial Planners Co-Hosts)

This is just a note to follow-up on yesterday’s lunch and dinner events. You engaged the audience so well with personal allegories that resonated with each of them. And thank you for showing such nice solidarity with Maricel, Anthony and me. Much appreciated. I thought the “Safe Room” setting for our guests was particularly effective: we’ll set up another one soon.

Anthony (Financial Planner Co-Host)

Thank you Eric. Your warm and candid stories obviously come from your genuine desire to connect with your clients and your years of taking the time to care for their businesses and their families. You discussed complex issues with ease by making them relatable from the point of view of someone who may be unsure of how to go about transitioning their business either to family or to a third party. Thank you for taking the time to educate us in a warm and humorous way. You made a potentially anxiety-ridden experience an actual pleasure.

​Mary Knoll, Toronto

I liked Eric’s style of presentation, his examples and his attentiveness to the needs of each of the participants.

Tony Parsons, Richmond Hill

Our group got it quickly and easily. Eric speaks in plain English, not a lot of fancy buzzwords.

Scott Newlands, NMI Technical Services Inc.

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. I'm still deciding as to which direction I want to go in but you opened my eyes and forced me to re-visit options that I had previously discarded.

East Coast Marketing Conference, Marketeast - Jon Denman, Denex Group

According to our attendee questionnaires Eric’s session was rated number one in all categories including best presentation and most useful session.

Pat and Jack Buckler, Toronto

We went home after Eric's event and immediately started using his techniques. We realized improvements in our customer acquisition and relationships right away.

Dave Stell, Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade

Eric has an excellent understanding of his subject. He has a lot of knowledge to share. He’s very easy to listen to and has great examples to use of his experiences.

John Baird, Managing Director CAMESE

Eric is informative, stimulating and entertaining.​

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