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Course Developer, 4 X Author, Speaker, Coach. CEO Warren Business Development Center (AKA WarrenBDC)

Eric Gilboord

Eric Gilboord has worked with hundreds of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners over the past 26 years. For the last few years he's worked almost exclusively with BABOs - Boomer Aged Business Owners. Owners who were born between 1946 and 1964.

He is a management and business transition and transformation consultant, speaker, the author of several books, a columnist and the creator of hundreds of articles, seen in national newspapers and magazines, online and read regularly via his weekly emails.

His new book is 'Moving Forward' Get The Triple Effect - Sell your business for 3 times more and 3 times faster. Written specifically for Boomer Aged Business Owners. BABOs are going through a challenging time in their life. One of the biggest events they have to face today, is to sell or transition out of their company. Moving Forward is about both the emotional and practical struggles Owners are facing.

At the same time it serves to help the Owners family, Buyers and Trusted Advisers to better understand these challenges from the Sellers' perspective.

His first book 'Just Tell Me What To Do - Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business' was a best seller. The follow up updated Second Edition 'Just Tell Me More - Marketing Tips In 10 Minute Chunks' was released a few years ago. He also co-authored a book called Marketing Masters published by Profit Magazine.

Eric speaks to groups of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners on growing and preparing their businesses for sale and selling successfully. The goal is to increase the value of their company first, in order to sell on their terms and for more. He also speaks to Trusted Advisers to help them better understand Sellers.

Media Contacts

To book Eric for a speaking engagement or interview contact:

Linda Tenenbaum 416-728-2466 lindatenenbaum@gmail.com

Eric Gilboord 416-270-2466 eric@ericgilboord.com

Websites www.ericgilboord.com www.warrenbdc.com

Eric Gilboord - Writer

Author of 4 Books

Best Seller

Contributor To

OfficeToday Magazine regular contributor.
Staples Blog regular contributor.
Small Business Canada Magazine multiple contributor.
Enterprise Magazine multiple contributor.
SOHO Magazine (Staples) multiple contributor.
CanadaOne.com site contributor.
Chapters/Indigo Books sold book.
Amazon sold books.
Profit Magazine contributor.
Pool & Spa Marketing multiple contributor.
Sales Promotion Magazine contributor.
Marketing Masters contributor, book published
by Profit Magazine.
Contributor to numerous newsletters and internet sites internationally.

Costco Connection US, Canada & Korea multiple contributor.
CCH Canadian purchased book originally.
Microsoft Canada leased book content for their small business site.
Sprint Canada purchased 10,000 copies of his book.
Globe And Mail ROB 43 weekly columns.
Canada Post newsletter contributor.
Canadian Professional Sales Association contributor.
Youthbusiness.com contributor to site.
Royal Bank website contributor.
Your Office Magazine multiple contributor.
National Post contributor and round table guest contributor.

And many more blogs, off/online magazines and websites etc.

Eric Gilboord - Speaker

Guest Speaker Past Events

La Connexion
TD Canada Trust internal event.
Canada Post internal event.
Orchard, Hiltz and McCliment Inc. paid internal event.
Fifth Third Bank guest speaker.
Casa Loma Networking Group public event.
Learning Annex paid multiple speaker.
Centennial College paid speaker.
Town of Richmond Hill multiple paid keynote speaker.
East Coast Marketing Conference paid keynote speaker.
Seneca College paid speaker.
Women Entrepreneurs of Canada guest speaker.
North York Chamber of Commerce guest speaker.
National Spa and Pool Institute paid keynote speaker.
ConsultNet paid speaker.
NYCO Minerals paid keynote speaker and brainstorming leader.
Association of Independent Consultants guest keynote speaker.

MOJORADIO AM640 with host Scruff Connors guest speaker.
Entrepreneurs Association guest speaker.
Canadian Franchise Association guest speaker.
Ministry of Economic Development paid speaker.
Enterprise Toronto multiple paid keynote speaker.
Learning Channel On Air guest speaker.

Direct Marketing Association guest keynote speaker.
Professional Photographers of Ontario paid speaker.
Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce guest keynote speaker.
Canadian Information Processing Society guest keynote speaker.
Canadian Association of Mining Equipment/Services for Export paid speaker.
Various Client Sales Forces, Sales Agents, Franchisees, Distributors paid speaker.

Private Coaching Available

For a conversation to see if we are a good fit email eric@ericgilboord.com.

GET ADVICE - You Are Not Alone

One of many valuable lessons I have learned from studying successful people is that no matter how famous or how rich they are, somewhere in their lives is a coach, a mentor, or an adviser. 

The first thing a new President does is establish their advisory group. This applies to presidents of companies or countries. You can't possibly know what to do in every circumstance, particularly if these are new to you. Smart, successful people surround themselves with even smarter associates. Getting guidance is an important element in your future success.


Talk with me one on one and get great advice fast. Move your business forward faster than you had ever thought was possible. Or get you and the business ready for sale.

12 one hour coaching sessions to be used over a 12 month period. That could be once a month or once a week or more often. Whatever suits your requirements or budget you are in the driver's seat.

One on One Coaching sessions are sold in packages of 12. A package of 12 one hour sessions is $3600 + HST.